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Extrusion Lamination Line Manufacturer

HANDERN is a specialist in the manufacture of extrusion machine, plastic film equipment, and PE, PP, and PC corrugated plastic sheet production line. Our PP corrugated plastic sheet machinery can be customized to produce a variety of sheet sizes, colors and weights. The resultant twinwall or multi-wall plastic sheet is ideal for roofing or use as other construction materials.
At the start, HANDERN focused solely on the production of PVC corrugated plastic profile equipment. Thus far, we have developed a wide selection of plastic sheet extrusion machine that uses PET, PP, PS, EVOH, ABS, HIPS, or PMMA as raw material. With over 2 decades of experience in the design and manufacture of extrusion, HANDERN is committed to the development of plastics extrusion technologies. Depending on the specific kind of construction material needed, we can customize our plastic extrusion solutions. More

    1. Multiwall Sheet Extrusion LineThe corrugated plastic sheet is made up of what appear to be 3 layers-2 flat sheets, with 1 ribbed middle layer which is sometimes called the flute. But in fact, they are really 2 layers and sometimes referred to as twinwall sheet.
    1. Twinwall/Multiwall Sheet Extrusion LineOften times, the two outside flat sheets should be extruded from brand-new materials while the middle layer is from recycled ones. In this way, high product quality can be obtained at only a reduced cost.
    1. Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet Extrusion LineIf you are looking for an advanced multiwall sheet extrusion line that can produce high-quality polycarbonate sheet, please stop looking further and contact us now.
    1. PVDF Film Extrusion LineIt stretches PVDF film in both directions to form a material with higher tear strength, which can be used as the solar cell backsheet. Via biaxial stretching, the molecular structure of the film obtains composite orientations.
    1. Solar Panel PET Film Extrusion LineThe resulting film is often used to construct the solar cell backsheet, providing a good barrier to dust, moisture, and other impurities. Film thicknesses that our solar panel PET film extrusion line can produce fall into the range of 250μm -300μm.